Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you still repairing computers?

A. No.

Q. Do you sell new computers?

A. No.

Q. Are you currently doing Data Recovery?

A. YES! In addition to years of experience, we have gathered and set up all the required equipment, including a Class 10 Clean environment (Class 10 is considerably better than the Class 100 environments even the manufacturers use). We are working on the more mundane issues, such as a website, billing structures, shipping, etc. If you need data recovered, contact us.

Q. How much does data recovery cost?

A. Most companies will only give you an exact price after evaluating the problem. While this is understandable, the price is often a bit of a shock. For most reputable data recovery companies, prices START around $700, and can go as high as $5000. We have worked hard to bring the price down to a reasonable amount. Our final price is yet to be determined, but we are currently offering data recovery for a flat rate of only $350 for drives up to 200GB. For drives over 200GB, the price is $450.

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