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Data Recovery - Have you accidentally deleted files? Formatted your Hard Drive? Did Dell tell you to use your "Quick Restore" CD-ROM, and then you found out all your data was erased? Is your Hard Drive making clicking or grinding noises? We specialize in Data Recovery. Many local Computer Repair companies send their data recovery jobs to us.

However, if you have any intention of having data recovered, it is VERY important that you do not make any changes to the hard drive. This includes installing software, formatting the drive, defragmenting your hard drive, or even running software that claims to recover your data (Some software is good, but others may make the problem much worse!). It is a very good idea to leave your computer off until data recovery attempts can take place. Sometimes, a dying hard drive literally gets worse by the minute while operating. If you have any questions about Data Recovery, please give us a call.

Broken screen repair, broken power connector, laptop repair, keyboard repair, data recovery, click in the hard drive, solder, business accounts, local to Monmouth and Ocean Counties, Custom Computer building, motherboards.

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