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This menu is meant for our Technicians. If you happen to find yourself here, be very careful of the downloads here. Improperly used, these utilities may damage your computer.

UAR-Remote - Our custom remote repair tool

UAR-Remote Ver2 - The second version of our tool

Hijack This - Useful tool for finding Spyware

CWShredder - Great for removing the CWS Spyware

Kill2Me - Great for removing the Look2Me Spyware

StartupList - Better than MSCONFIG. Lists startup items.

ADS Spy - For removing 'Alternate Data Streams' Spyware

Winsock Update - For Windows 95 ONLY

Rock XP3 - Recovers XP Keys, saves activation info

Keyfinder - Recovers CD Keys from all Windows versions

WinsockXPFix - Repairs Internet settings after Spyware damage

Messenger Remover - Completely removes Windows Messenger

RegSupreme Pro - Cleans up Windows Registry

DNSStuff - Look up DNS Info

Speed Test - Test Internet Connection Speed

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